Sterling Energy provide these management services in all phases of power projects, from pre-development to operations.

Pre Development Phase:

* Fuel and alternative energy resource assessments
* Site evaluation and qualifications
* Thermal and alternative energy power program planning
* Power equipment technology evaluation
* Preliminary project economic and feasibility assessments

Development Phase:

* Site specific project evaluations
* Project business model development
* Project operating cost assessment and development
* Power purchase agreement evaluations and negotiations
* Project design evaluations
* Power generation equipment supply agreements
* Construction contract agreements
* Project engineering and construction evaluations
* Project management
* Commissioning management and startup plans and services

Operational Phase:

* Management, operations and maintenance mobilizations
* Operations and asset management assessments
* Contract operations and maintenance services
* Project valuation analysis
* Project acquisition analysis and support services
* Project divesture and support services
* Project asset value improvement programs
* Project repowering evaluation and planning
* Project stakeholders representation
* Generation equipment preservation and layup services