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Sterling Energy performed an O&M management assessment aboard a 150 MW heavy-fuel reciprocating engine-based power barge in the Caribbean. Sterling Energy developed a plan to help the owners operate the plant successfully upon the expiration of the O&M contract. Sterling continues to provide periodic O&M advice to the client.

Sterling Energy has provided advice and identified solutions on a very wide range of business, technical, and operational issues. We have considerable experience with nearly every type of power plant in every phase of development. Some of those engagements are summarized here.

Sterling was engaged to perform a due diligence assessment for the acquisition of a 50 MW coal-fired circulating fluidized bed power plant for conversion to tire derived and wood fuel. Sterling Energy managed the initial phases of the conversion program.

Sterling Energy was engaged to support the development of an indicative bid for a fleet of 48 run of river hydro projects totaling 135 MW. Sterling’s scope included a review of seller information and the development of an economic model.

Sterling Energy developed and evaluated a range of strategic options for a coal plant subject to increasing regulatory pressures and the upcoming expiration of its PPA. Sterling’s scope included the assessment of several options including biomass co-firing, conversion to natural gas, using solar PV generation to offset, during daylight hours, some coal-fired generation, and conversion to a gas-fired cogeneration facility. Sterling also evaluated a proposed carbon sequestration pilot project. As part of its assessment of options, Sterling met with the plant’s steam host and evaluated their steam supply options, which enabled Sterling to estimate a range of values for the current cogeneration facility.

Sterling has been retained to development procurement requirements, support evaluation of bids and negotiation of wind turbine supply agreement for a 25 MW project in Alaska. Sterling has also be retained to provide project execution support and advice.

Sterling Energy, teaming with Investment Management Advisors, was retained to conduct an operational and business strategic assessment of a solar thermal power business consisting of five 30 MW plants. The team evaluated alternative operating and maintenance, financial, contracting and other strategies to maximize value for the investors in the facility. The team made recommendations for action that were implemented by the investors.

Sterling Energy performed a project valuation of a 5 MW wind power project in the Great Plains. We also developed an offering memorandum for the project assets and evaluated potential sale proceeds.

Sterling Energy took over the management of an existing long-term preservation program for an 80 MW GE 7FA gas turbine and related equipment and relocated the equipment from the U.S. to Canada. Sterling’s scope included the inventory and assessment of the equipment in the U.S., repairs to damaged equipment, preparation for shipment, heavy haul permitting, management of loading and unloading at each end of the trip, and re-preservation and dehumidification of the equipment at the plant construction site to ensure compliance with GE’s preservation requirements.

Sterling Energy was engaged to manage the receiving, transport, storage and preservation of a 276 MW steam turbine shipped from Japan. The equipment includes HP and LP turbine sections, unassembled generator and rotor, oil tank, transformer and ancillary equipment. The equipment is being stored in two, large climate-controlled enclosures for an expected term of two years. Sterling Energy developed and is currently managing all aspects of the preservation program.